Review for computer mobile Huawei Matebook X Pro: something amazing!

This topic review for computer mobile Huawei Matebook X Pro: something amazing! Appeared on Engadget.

Matebook X Pro is a very striking eye. And is available in the Saudi market at a price 5999 SAR ratio Processor Intel Core i5 of second generation, and random memory 8 GB with units of SSD storage with a capacity of 256 GB.
The women in the process of review is the same Processor Intel Core i7 memory random capacity of 16 GB and with a storage capacity of the SSD is 512 GB and the process of updating this situation is very difficult so make sure you choose the version appropriate for your use daily.


Comes device MateBook X Pro with a thickness of 14 mm while with a weight of 1.3 kg, and there are no problems for the weight and thickness of a computer offers screen size 13.9 inches of aluminum and it is worth mentioning that, similar to what exists in the MacBook Pro and features the case has a unique design of the aluminum with the edges of the design, diamond-cut.

And there is a full size keyboard installed-backlit display and is powered by a spill-proof, as they use the same experience and the concept of butterfly found in the Apple and offered the experience of his book, a very lovely where the case buttons charges the big plus to me that there will be a button when pressed will show the camera and that is accurately 1 megapixel and it is worth mentioning that the position of the camera for a lot of people will not be suitable

And the mouse with a large area of his rival and is the contain button right-handed, and Acer’s compact and which are used to id windows, and that means that the response will be very good.

As for the sky of date, with Dolby and your location in the heavens of the hand right and left of the keyboard will be about it loud and clear.

The screen

Come screen size 13.9 inches of type IPS and think the status screen thin significantly and let my Huawei to MateBook X Pro is the first laptop comes with a screen full of “FullView” in the world, by 91% of the company.

And because of that the situation is characterized by the screen edges thin, and he has put the Huawei camera’s web MateBook X Pro you button present in the keyboard which contains the camera icon. So that pressing the key to pressing on the latch which allows the camera to 720 pixels to appear.

Besides, operate the screen by touch with protection from Gorilla Glass to prevent it from scratching. And come screen accurately 3K 3000 × 2000 leading to the density of the pixels of 260 PPI (pixels per inch). So, the screen very clear.

And come screen system display 3:2 and is very suitable to surf the internet is also characterized by the screen to the level of high brightness and which inform the nit 450 and therefore will be able to show the content under the extra associated with it. And the contrast ratio of the depth of the Color Black is 1500:1.


Uses version here Intel processor providing CPU Intel Core i7-8550U memory random capacity 16 GB speed to multitask smoothly and easily. It is faster by 40% than the previous model.
And in addition to graphics Nvidia MX 150, you will be laptop able to cope with the liberalization of media and evaluation of better use of any suitable device without a problem.
And through the experience of some of the Games was the performance of the computer is smooth but remember that this case is not made for games and you will need to reduce the settings of the games in general.

In addition to that was the sound of the fan is clear, especially after heavy use for 15 minutes. And also that applies to me. case temperature where the heat was in the keyboard specifically the panel the mouse was 88 degrees, but the temperature was higher at the bottom case.
Also there was a stability unit graphics after intensive use, but this thing was not present in unit, central processor, where there was a slight decrease in the frequency of the Processor itself.

Age of the battery.

Remained battery to work for 9 hours and browse through the internet and during the the screen brightness by 60% with the use of WiFi technology and it means that with normal use will hold the battery till the end of the day and of course it will vary with the intensive use of


This topic review for computer mobile Huawei Matebook X Pro: something amazing! Appeared on Engadget.

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