Review: Fitbit Versa smart watch with sports !

مراجعة: Fitbit Versa ساعة ذكية بنكهة رياضية !

Look the brand “Vita-bit – Fitbit” is familiar to everyone because of its long history which goes back to the year 2007, being one of the first companies which founded the concept of “bracelet Sport” Concept its modern in the world. In time who knows a lot about the company’s products from bracelet sports, you may not know the mission that the company also produces two categories of smart watches running its own name Fitbit OS.

Been submitted the previous first smart Fitbit Ionic in September of 2017, and the detected second Fitbit Versa in April of last year modern design and properties of new wholly. In the following lines we offer you experience adequate for a smart watch Fitbit Versa.

Modern design and rich display

Download the Versa design lines and modern, come to the design may seem to some like an hour, “Apple” due to its dependence on the form of a square instead of a circular shape usual for a lot of other smart watches. But the system longer to the coast can identify some of the differences between them, beginning from the absence of the button ring the university that you think you have an hour, “Apple”, and also the thinness observed in the hours Fitbit Versa compared to those of the last.

The former offers a good structure, coherent, no longer luxury features clear here, never, but the former generally addresses the youth mainly and the world itself to those in the image of H mathematical process structure resistant completely waterproof to a depth of 50 meters bracelet sports rubber.

Is the display one of the strengths here is where come Rich in color, compared to many watches in this price range, which is what makes the company you trust to add one of the properties interesting is the assistant exercise personal-supported video, which instructs the user on how to do the exercise through the videos caption is displayed across the display screen.

Smart watch bracelet sports

Download Fitbit Versa own operating system holds the Fitbit OS, and the system interface using quick thinking and friendly to the user, based mainly on icons, it adds the display of rich color to the interface to make it more attractive.

Using the previous communicate with smart phones and supports iOS and Android what makes you can get alerts from different applications, messages and calls directly to your wrist, also supports operating system for the hour a very large number of applications that can be downloaded directly into the arena through its own app on the mobile phone. Include apps available apps follow the news, take notes, some simple games, and apps for prayer times, and many other applications that can be added to the former. I was surprised at the personal level to the availability of this diversity of applications and the operating system clock, which exceeded the number of currently more than 700 application, as it is the system months or the most prevalent in that category of smart watches. It is worth mentioning also that if you are a user of the system “Android” then you can reply to messages that reach your phone within the hour too.

I didn’t give up the Versa for its background Sports which she founded her Fitbit since its launch. Can previous follow-up vital signs such as heart rate and calories that are burned during various sporting activities including swimming, as you can get to know start to exercise automatically, through the interface usage you can view the daily summary of sports activity, calories burned during the day.

The bottom line: the price of a suitable battery is perfect

Come Fitbit Versa is accompanied by a charger in the image of a fixed platform is placed the previous charge, and a battery that lasts for four consecutive days of work. The longer the operating time of this ideal in the category of smart watches, but that may be due somewhat to the fact that the former do not carry a GPS unit internally, making them need to rely on the phone in the properties related to navigation and the library.

Is price point a strong competitive advantage Fitbit Versa as has been put the previous sale in the Arab region at the price of 899 AED and continue, with the availability of the special version is priced at 999 AED and face. And your version of the bracelet is woven more stylish than the bracelet, traditional in addition to property e-payment through NFC feature which allows the completion of financial transactions through the former without the need for a credit card. I wish I be that property virtual in version of the regular as well, but the fact you can’t buy much here given the price competitiveness of particularly strongly in versus what you get from the structure of the court, the attractive design, the interface to use the rich system combines the advantages of the smart watch bracelet sports.

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