Review DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – Expensive and high-quality stabilizer for smartphone

Today let’s look at another Chinese stabilizer for mobile – Mobile 2 DJI Osmo. Yes, if someone does not know, DJI is also a Chinese company. As you might guess from the title, Osmo Mobile 2 this is the second version of the electronic gimbal for phones. The first one was too expensive, so the DJI rethought the concept Osmo Mobile and rolled out the second generation in more accessible housing material (plastic) and easy to use.

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The stabilizer comes in a foam like case and Zhiyun Smooth 4. But in contrast to the same Smooth 4, complete no tripod. Inside the box you can find yourself stub and a cord for charging. Of course, it is better when it comes with a convenient carrying case, but you still would in case it would not have been worn. because it takes a lot of space. Much easier just to throw the stub into the backpack where it will not take too much space, and it can be quicker to get. And with the lack of a tripod is also sad is not necessary, as in fact she did not need the stabilizer for your smartphone. It is not necessary to set, as a senior fellow for the cameras. There is only one axis is adjusted, and it is possible to score, the power of engines and so lacking. The only thing which can come in handy tripod is to put the stub and remove yourself when you are sitting at a table. But it has tripod mount, and a stub is needed in order to compensate for shaking it while walking.

Controls cimbalom not so much. Is the button on/off stab, which is responsible for switching, push button start/stop video recording or photographing, the zoom to zoom and joystick to control the camera rotation. About the joystick I want to tell separately, as this is the most convenient navipad of all the stabilizers that were on my review. He has a very nice move, this allows you to more accurately adjust the position of the smartphone. In a special app for that stab you can enable different modes of operation of the joystick: exactly horizontal and vertical or all axes and all directions without restrictions. The start/stop button video recording works even in the standard camera app, you only need to connect via Bluetooth. Another side there is the zoom to zoom, it’s running only in a native application. And it works adequately, but not as much as other Chinese stabach.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 only two modes of operation: tracking in all axes and all axes are locked. Here, too, it is possible to change the position of the smartphone owner, but implemented this feature is very weird. If other similar devices it works in the mode when all axes are locked, which makes sense, Osmo Mobile 2 on the contrary, it is active only when all of the corners along the axes are being monitored.

In the DJI app GO has a very useful feature of the tracking object. Just select the area and stab himself monitors the movement of the object and rotated in the desired direction. Here the function is very stable, not like in other Chinese devices.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 suitable for people who are looking for the first convenient and easy to use device. It is suitable for those who do not want to be bothered with a bunch of buttons and levers, and to understand the settings. Besides, if you don’t know much about the world of photo-video equipment, most likely you never heard about such companies as: Feiyu Tech Zhiyun or Gudsen Moza. But DJI still more famous company, and would definitely bring more confidence in their devices, so it produces a lot of quality devices. Yes, Osmo Mobile 2 is more expensive than its competitors and offers the poor equipment. But first and foremost you do not pay for extra laces and a tripod, but for the stabilizer. And for the money you get a quality device that can just get out of the backpack, insert the smartphone and shoot high-quality videos.

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