Review Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT: when wires do not need

The Japanese continue to go ahead of the rest — ranging from industrial solutions to consumer electronics. Take the same Audio-Technica: this giant hardly needs any introduction, as his name was heard even by those who are far from the world of professional sound. In stock manufacturer of many top-end audio equipment, but nevertheless the Audio-Technica continues to delight fans with new products. The latter include wireless headphone Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT.

What is the main problem of a Bluetooth headphone? Until recently they were not able to give comparable with wired sound. But the balance of power has changed, and now ear ecstasy is possible only with an expensive player and heated for 48 hours headphones. Wireless headphones, of course, can’t give the sound as the wire, but as close to this.

ATH-AR5BT joined the family universal headphone Audio-Technica. They are able to not only reproduce deep bass and crystal clear high and mid frequencies. One of the chips model became the new 45-mm drivers operating in the frequency range from 5 to 40 000 Hz. High quality sound is provided by the codecs aptX and AAC, and support for Bluetooth and the controls placed on the headphones allow you to use the device as a headset.


Manufacturers of wireless headphones typically choose a modest package. In fact, why is there an additional cable or gold plated replaceable ear pads? So in this case: the earphones themselves, a micro-USB cable for charging and documentation. A bonus audio cable for a wired connection (if you decide to listen to the headphones with something like a FiiO M7) and fabric cover.

Aluminium and leather

In the design of the headphones a large number of metal — Audio-Technica decided to use aluminium, but to make the device more affordable, was not neglected and plastic. The material used in the headband and ear pads. It is made of eco-leather and provide a comfortable fit due to filling of a special foam material with a memory effect and the average sound insulation sufficient for the urban environment. Sense of style designers of Audio-Technica definitely has.

All the main controls are conveniently located under the left Cup is a small built-in microphone, volume control, a micro-USB connector for charging and audio input, which is to use only music players without Bluetooth support (or just to compare with how connect headphones sound better) or in the case of a low battery. Right earpiece is almost empty — only here emblazoned the toggle switch on and activate Bluetooth. So are a lot of controls here, the design is minimalistic and suitable for sports suit and office style.

The volume control is in the form of a toggle switch, it is possible to activate fast forward/rewind to switch to next or previous track. A single click allows you to put the track on pause, and answer or end the call if the headphones connected to the smartphone as headset.

Complete the detachable cable has a length of 1.2 meters. It is made qualitatively and covered with silicone. The wire is equipped with an additional microphone and controls.

The main thing — the sound

242 g weight is almost not felt on the head, although the manufacturer still posted in the headphones built-in battery. Last enough for 30 hours of continuous use: we conducted tests at an average volume level, that has been confirmed (headphones had to listen to regularly during the week). If you twist the volume almost to maximum, the battery life will be reduced for a few hours. Owners of Android-smartphones will be pleased with the presence of NFC (I’m with my iPhone nervously Smoking in aside). To pair the headphones and the source, enough to bring it to the left Cup, and will be familiar to many “magic”..

The volume is convenient to adjust short movement of the switch up or down, and for example, to enable the next track, you must keep the slider at the top or bottom position for a couple of seconds. Discomfort it does not deliver, you can get used for a few hours. A couple of days free to do anything at the touch.

Most importantly, of course, sound. Of the line wireless headphone Audio-Technica sound quality and ATH-AR5BT can be safely put next to the ATH-MSR7 and ATH-M50X, although this is a wired model. The cost is about the same — about 13 500 rubles. The headphones do not “hiss” than a lot of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones, and encouraging a stable connection, which positively affects the quality of sound.

On “crystal clear” frequencies and the “imaginary stage” we will not speak — obviously not an audiophile headphone. The tests in tandem with the M7 audio player FiiO ATH-AR5BT give out neutral sound with a very flat EQ, with no emphasis on a particular frequency range. Due to this, these headphones are versatile for a variety of genres.

When connected by cable the sound more expressive, but the difference is so small that about the wire, perhaps you can remember only two cases: if the headphones charged is almost zero, or if a sound source lacks support Bluetooth. Although the smartphone is not the case, and now even the manufacturers of budget players are paying much attention to wireless technologies.

The future of wireless audio

ATH-AR5BT is another successful attempt of the manufacturer to dispel the myth that wireless sound is self-indulgence. So you should pay attention to them, unless you really don’t need active noise cancellation and “to hear the violinist in the fifth row on the left”. This is one of the best headphone in its price segment.

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