Review: a range of accessories to protect the MacBook from the “Moshi – Moshi”

Company offers the Moshi range of bathroom accessories specifically designed computer the MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops which offer protection for each special part of the situation. Include the group that we’ve tested here:

  • The cover iGlaze external hard drive for Mac Book Pro led 13 inch.
  • Screen protector Umbra – category privacy – screens MacBook and MacBook Pro with the angle of vision is narrow.
  • Protective keyboard ClearGuard is compatible with devices MacBook and MacBook Pro led 13-inch.

Personally I’ve always used in the past the bags light and allows بالSleeve to carry and protect computers and MacBook laptops, but over a period that lasted more than a month with the idea of proof of the protection installed on the same incident which is very much like what we do with smart phones dramatically changed the concepts about what the best use it to protect the laptop is special because I use the bus a lot in the development throughout the day. The cover is installed protective screen and the keyboard are definitely the ideas are more practical in use, especially outside the home during the movement.

Among the range of products that, the steel casing iGlaze is my favorite and the most useful and practical, it is proven very easily on the case, very slim and does not change the shape, the weight or thickness of the laptop itself, despite that it’s made of hard plastic and covers the need for fully what makes him the great protection is exactly what you get with the covers of smart phones.

Got the idea of protective keyboard ClearGuard impress me, but the execution unfortunately wasn’t that same spirit. This condom is supposed to protect the keyboard from dust as well as spills, which already provides that, but in my personal experience wasn’t the adhesion of the protective keyboard good, what made him leave his place several times when pressing the buttons on the keyboard.

If you are looking for privacy when using your laptop in places to meet, especially in aircraft and airports and other means of public transport, the idea of a protective screen dark Umbra will be your lot where the viewing angle is quite narrow for the screen of the laptop so that he can’t sit beside you see the screen of your laptop. There’s not much to talk about in relation to the remainders of the company, it simply defeats the purpose, but if you weren’t looking for that privacy will be the angle of vision narrow, extremely irritating to use daily as usual. On the good side, the screen protector Umbra can be removed and re-mounted according to your needs without that the interpretation of the voltage contact.

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