Revenue Facebook the rise thanks to the ads and increase the number of active users

إيرادات فيسبوك ترتفع بفضل الإعلانات وزيادة أعداد المستخدمين النشطين

Facebook Inc. has announced about its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter and the last year 2019 increase in the number of users and revenues, as the company announced a rise in the number of annual users as well as revenue, thanks to its advertising services primarily.

And the company was able to achieve revenues increased by 16.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2018 and an increase of 30% from the fourth quarter of 2017, as had been able to achieve annual profits of $ 55.8 million by 2018, compared with 40.6 billion by 2017 – an increase of 37%.

It also enables Facebook to achieve a net profit of $ 6.9 billion during the fourth quarter of 2018, up 61% from the same period of the previous year where the company achieved a time of 4.2$ million. As for the net annual income, it has managed to achieve 22.1 billion by 2018 more approximately 39% of 2017 has achieved 15.9 million.

And speaking of network activity away from profits, has announced the presence of 15.2 million daily active through December 2018 and increased 9% for the interpretation of the period of the previous year, while the number of active users per month around 2.32 million with the end of December 2018, an increase of 9% also from the previous year.

Said Facebook to their revenue from ads phones accounted for about 93% of the value of keyword ads which constitute the main profit of the company, this ratio is 89% more than fourth quarter revenue in 2017.

Recall that there are 2.7 million monthly active users on Facebook into WhatsApp, there are about 2 million people use the services of the company on a daily basis on her statement.

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