Revealed interesting features of “sentry mode” in the Tesla

In January, Elon Musk announced enhanced protection against burglary and theft of cars Tesla. An intriguing “time” has already begun to install in some vehicles, and with these people it became known more details about the innovation. Many users feared that the security system will quickly put the battery and the car thieves can steal the USB stick with video. It turned out that Tesla foresaw it all, and the users have nothing to worry about.

«Режим часового» в автомобилях Tesla

When activated, users see on the screen a short description. Mode allows the car to constantly monitor everything that is happening around it — it uses the camera of the autopilot, sensors, and microphones. When activated, the mode estimates the risk of theft or vandalism, record the video, beeps, and optionally sends notifications to the smartphone owner.

The company says that the mode consumes the least possible amount of battery power. With regards to charge, there is only one limitation — to enable security, it is necessary that the battery was charged at more than 20%.

All captured by the cameras are stored on a USB flash drive inside, so users thought that it can be easily stolen. The company has provided for this possibility and implemented a backup system video. All recorded videos are stored in the cloud, and in the event of theft of the memory card can be easily recovered.

The company also warned that when “the time” in the cabin is not recommended to leave children and animals. The fact that in the event of a hijacking attempt the car starts to make loud noises, and people inside, in this case, certainly not to be envied.

What do you think, will the new protection system to reduce the number of car thefts Tesla? How thieves can cheat? Their opinions and options please write in the comments, and for the detailed discussion, we invite you in our Telegram chat!

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