Reuters: Trump complained to the director of Twitter losing followers

The US President, Donald Trump president and CEO of Twitter (Jack Dorsey) on Tuesday and spent a long time in being questioned about the cause of the loss some of follow him on Twitter, as reported Reuters, citing an informed source.

The meeting, organized by the White House, hours after an attack Trump the latter on the company social media accusing it of being biased against conservatives. After the meeting, the publication of Trump’s tweets on Twitter in which he said: “a wonderful meeting this afternoon in the White House with Jack of Twitter. Discussed a lot of topics in relation to the Prevention of them, and the world of social media in general. We look forward to maintaining an open dialogue!”.

Stated Dorsey, who has never met that, in a tweet: “Thank you for your time. If Twitter is here to serve the public conversations as a whole, and look to make it healthier and more civil. Thanks for the discussion on this topic”.

A source told Reuters, who said he was briefed on the meeting, which also included the general counsel of Twitter and chairman of the policy: the Dorsey explained; and in response to concerns Trump on loss to follow up, that the company is working to remove the accounts are fraud, spam and many celebrities, including Dorsey himself, they lost followers as a result.

Earlier on Tuesday, he pointed Trump to that Twitter was biased against him, without providing evidence. He wrote in a tweet on Twitter that the police don’t treat him as a republic, said: “it is discriminatory too”.

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Have shown Trump’s upset loss to follow up, especially after losing in last July – according to company data, social media “can” KeyHole – approximately 204,000-up, or the equivalent of 0.4% of the follow-up to he who was their number then 53.4 million, with a development campaign launched by Twitter on suspicious accounts after using their location services, and other social media in campaigns of misinformation, which tried to influence the voters in the American presidential election in 2016, and other elections.

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