Reuters: the European Union is considering proposals to exclude the Chinese companies from 5G networks

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Examines European Union proposals that would amount effectively to a ban on virtually equipment company Huawei to mobile networks of the next generation, as reported Reuters, citing four high-level officials in the European Union, which increases the mounting international pressure on the largest telecom equipment maker in the world.

Reuters indicated that while the efforts of officials of the European Union is still in the very early stages, it can be a complex development, the move represents a shift in the position of the European Union amid security concerns growing in the West about China.

It is likely that the United States welcomes the move to exclude Chinese companies such as Huawei, which is trying to prevent American companies from buying infrastructure equipment from Huawei and put pressure on the allies to do the same. Includes security experts, Americans worry that the Chinese government might use equipment of the trade, which fears that have been denied by Huawei repeatedly.

According to officials, adults four in the European Union who was quoted by the Reuters, one of the options being considered by the European Commission is to amend the law of cyber-security in 2016, which requires companies operating in the infrastructure vital to take appropriate security measures.

And by modifying the definition of critical infrastructure to also include so-called networks of mobile of 5G, the law will prevent companies European trade effectively from the use of this equipment provided by any country or company that buys in its use of its equipment for, or vandalism, according to officials.

He added officials that it can also make other changes or to be entered, such as changes in procurement rules. He stressed the officials to any changes that do not relate to one company only, but it’s stemming from national security risks, wider in relation to China.

A spokeswoman for Huawei said, “Huawei’s open-minded and committed to working with European institutions to develop a standard for internet security for Europe”, adding that the opening of the Police Centre for the security of the new E-in Brussels in the month of March confirms its commitment to Europe.

The spokeswoman said: “Huawei clean record in the area of cyber security.” Implemented company Huawei being accused of spying and sabotage. The Chinese government has no intention to spy on the West, has condemned the ban on Chinese suppliers networks, 5G in the United States and Australia as unfounded.

Observers believe that the attitude most explicitly reflects the increased security concerns in the West about the company Huawei. Some Western countries, including the United States and Australia, the report of the Huawei access to the mobile networks of the next generation, and think about Germany in doing so.

And many European telecommunications companies to provide the fifth generation which is to connect everything from cars to factories, at a speed much greater compared to the networks of the fourth generation of the current. If the adoption of such measures by the European Union, it may be a setback for the European to maintain its competitiveness in the era of fifth generation 5G because it is likely to lead to delays and additional costs in building networks.

The gate Arab News Technical Reuters: the European Union is considering proposals to exclude the Chinese companies from 5G networks

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