Returns Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Beyond the $ 1.6 million

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Of all the games company Bandai Namco Japan on smart devices, check the game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, from the series famous manga very Dragon Ball, a huge success on these devices.

And according to a report from the agency Sensor Tower to statistics, the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has managed to achieve revenues to the college exceeded $ 1.6 million. In the past month, came to 57% of the proceeds of the game from Japan, the mother country of the game, and then came to the United States of America in second place, and the proceeds amounted to 24% of the total.

In the month of February, it was Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a third, more game money in the world, just behind the Honor of Kings and Fate/Grand Order.

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