Returning the phone for 2 years. Progress and prospects


In December last year the company was founded HMD Global, which returned to the market of the legendary Nokia phones. Now they are quite successful and many of them are running Android, the most popular mobile operating systems of today. HMD was able to sell a lot of devices. But the smartphone lacks the popularity among young people — the audience for which smartphones are the most important. To date, the Nokia mainly for those users who remember the incredible success of the brand in the past.

Global HMD recently turned two years — the company was founded on December 1, 2016. After about a month the company proposed its first smartphone — the Nokia 6. Since then, the young company managed to sell about 70 million phones that have returned to the market to the delight of many users, the legendary Nokia brand. In this figure, however, includes not only smartphones, but also a new push-button phones, says Peter (Peter) on the resource page

Most users of Nokia phones from Global HMD — 35-year-old and older


The most popular phones of the company are offered at prices ranging from 300 to 400 euros. The best-selling smartphone brand has become 6.1 Nokia to Nokia 7 Plus. Very popular, especially in Germany, Nokia 3.1.

The proposed HMD Global phones are predominantly middle class and mobile entry-level devices. The company now takes a truly successful leader. 8 Nokia Sirocco has not gained the expected popularity. HMD and says nothing about Nokia 9, which according to rumors will see the light.

HMD is aware that a large part of the success of the company is achieved thanks to the audience of fans of the Nokia brand, so focused on creating high-end phones, which have always been considered typical of Nokia. Approximately 80% of consumers from the HMD is at least 35 years old. After all, people of this age remember Nokia the market leader.

HMD wishes to attract the attention of a young audience (under 20 years) to their products. It is expected that in the future the company will focus on the age group 20 to 35 years.

HMD Global has partnered with Google to work on software for mobile devices and the result is pleasing — almost all the smartphones from Nokia are HMD devices Android One (means sessions are running a lighter OS version — Android Go). This gives reason to believe that in the next few years the proposed HMD Global phones will make fresh software.

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