Return the application QuickPic follow Google Play but it loaded with ads aggressive

عودة تطبيق QuickPic لمتجر قوقل بلاي ولكنّه محمّل بالإعلانات العدوانية

There is a kind of concern when selling is commonly applied and useful to the new owner, of course, sometimes things are going fine, but it is not uncommon that ownership can lead to more aggressive advertising or other problems, for example the application QuickPic, which is one of the best apps to photo galleries, to then company Cheetah Mobile purchased and specifically 2015, and it was just a matter of time until the application is loaded with spyware and ads malicious.

If you remember, where in the past year has been to withdraw the application QuickPic from the store Google Play and from the app a subsidiary of Cheetah Mobile, because of the containment of these applications on line click Reserve now, usually QuickPic to Play Store and put we can say about “the worst ever”.

With these factors, each new assessment is negative, for example, there is a problem in the inability of the app to play video, with the participation of the sudden, not to mention the ads and excessive use of memory, it’s worse can not be some access to backup images on their own.

Finally still the app contains a rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store, but the highly anticipated but this remains on for a longer time, we advise you not to download the app, where there are many alternatives to the wonderful likes of Memoria and Piktures and Camera Roll.

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