Return application to explicitly Store Google Play

عودة تطبيق صراحة على متجر قوقل بلاي

The platform explicitly adopted by many as a social service to allow for constructive criticism among persons without disclosure of identity, in the meantime service arrived its peak in 2017 even surpassed 14 million subscribers, due to the safe environment provided by service users and meaningful to watch their cash privacy without difficulties or stress, not to mention the way provide views.

But always happy moments not completed, where last year bought the lady the Australian from the arrival of offensive phrases to her daughter via an app, which transfers to the to collect signatures against the app, and this sparked heated debate and led already to cause confusion I paid my shop “Google Play” and”App Store” to remove the app from stores.

Today is the return of the revival of Applied explicitly, as announced organizers have announced the launch of the app on the Android operating system, and stressed compilers you have to explicitly follow the highest standards which follow her are also of major sites and apps globally, with the goal of Supreme is to protect users.

With this launch, there are many actions and the new changes, such as there is a revision conflict sent using a Google Perspective the revision of the text, which is here on artificial intelligence, it will not appear the user accounts in the search engine even if they hang out with. choose to appear in the search engine, as well as the freedom of the user is the independence of conflict from all users or only registered or non-reception of any sources.

Finally there is no word about the availability of the application shop the App Store, but is expected too to see available during the days or the next few weeks, and now to experience the application of the conflict on Android, Go to his page on the store Google Play from here.

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