Retail chain GameStop confirms it is in talks with other parties to sell the same


The chain stores GameStop, specialized in the sale of video games and electronics confirm its intention to sell the same. This is certainly after the report revealed that the retail chain mentioned above is in talks with companies to private equity about a potential deal after that received an offer for purchase. News agency reported Reuters that the company has even appointed a financial advisor to assist in these discussions. The company confirmed the same in a later time having these conversations.

I sent GameStop a statement to the press confirming they are in ” exploratory discussions ” with third parties about a possible deal but at the same time that there is no guarantee to reach any agreement in these discussions.

As is the case with many retail stores, the actual, has been on the GameStop also withstand increasing competition from e-retailer such as Amazon. Declined sales of actual games in all areas, however, GameStop has managed to withstand the brunt of which is exposed through the sale of video games used games consoles used home, as well as a range of other digital products.

Thus, the impression given by the police at the moment is that even though they talk to third parties about a possible deal, they did not reach agreement with any of the parties so far. The company added that it ” does not intend to provide any additional comments regarding these discussions unless and until be appropriate for the company. “


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