Restored iPhone fell in Russia

In February of this year, Apple first started selling refurbished models of the iPhone 7, more informed buyers became available the same version of the iPhone 6s. But if the original to save on buying the restored mobile was a maximum of 10 %, more recently the price of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s are marked “Like new” plummeted that allows you to purchase a new iPhone much cheaper.

What distinguishes a restored iPhone?

Each one is marked “as new” is subjected to factory recovery, the results of which undergoes rigorous quality inspection to identify possible faults. Such devices get a new display, case, warranty and in some cases, the right service at authorized service centers around the world. So, in Russia you can find a refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 (Rostest), which from the time of purchase apply two-year warranty from Apple.

Therefore, these smartphones are now rapidly gaining the attention of the Russians. The main reason for explosive sales growth “restored” phablet, according to representatives of the market, lies in their availability. While “restored” the iPhone 5s is becoming increasingly rare in the stores, the same version of iPhone 6 Plus with 16 GB memory is available at a price below 25, 000 in two colors.

Interestingly, for the same cost you can buy iPhone 6s, but with 64 GB of internal memory, and to pay extra for 128 GB of storage, combined with the color “gray space” will have only 2 000 rubles.

Costly iPhone 7 — prices start from 36 000 rubles for the version with 128 GB of memory in silver color. Paying 4-5 thousand rubles, you can buy it model, where the on-Board 256 GB of storage, and in blackand in silver. Restored the iPhone 7 Plus with the same capacity is available for about 47 000.

Remember that when purchasing iPhone marked “as new” from our partner store i-Ray.ruyou are guaranteed to get a smartphone that has passed the procedure of restoration from the manufacturing partners of Apple. In case of detection of any flaws you can always contact authorized service centers for maintenance.


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