Researchers succeed in creating a ” wood metal“, and they say that as tough as titanium


Created researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Illinois and University of Cambridge material called “wood metal”. It is said it is as strong as titanium but is light enough so that it can float in the water. Can produce only a small amount of this money at the moment, but if these researchers in finding a way to manufacture this material in sizes large, this can result to the emergence of solid products ranging from smartphones to cars light weight.

The publication of the study conducted by these researchers recently in Scientific Reports. I was able to those researchers who made this article about the way to suspend plastic balls Small an area of a few hundreds of nanometer in water. Then the evaporation of the water causing the accumulation of the balls in the style of the organization. Then use the electric paint to paint the ball in nickel. Then it was the use of a solvent to solve the plastic balls and the network of nickel alone.

Low density is due to the 70 percent of empty space left between the materials. This is not the only thing shared by this article with the wood. Researcher says James Pikul that the reason behind the naming of this article out of metal is because of the nature of their cellular as well.

According to this researcher, it was explained that the cellular material is porous, he further explained that if you look at the grain of the Wood, What You See Is parts, thick and dense and touched the structure, parts and porous and are made to support biological functions, such as transportation to and from the cells. Researchers can currently produce a piece of wood metal the size of postage stamps in a single day almost. Can be the potential of this article enormous, if it was possible to increase the production process effectively.

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