Researchers security work in planning authentication venous

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باحثون أمنيون ينجحون في تخطي المصادقة الوريدية

Revealed researchers security in Leipzig, Germany, for new ways to skip the security barriers during the chase Chaos Communication annual, the researchers showed how a hacker can bypass authentication venous, one form of biometric authentication that rely on the identification of vascular veins within the fingers of mankind down the surface of the skin, where the used hardware and safety systems is increasingly biometric authentication to allow users to remove the hijackers, whether it be through fingerprint sensors or face recognition or iris recognition or authentication venous less.

The method of authentication venous scan through the form and the size and location of the veins of users under the skin of the hand, but hackers found a solution for it, where as researchers Security How to make a handbag fake from wax to trick the sensor to the vein, said Jean Chris report Jan Krissler, a researcher at the authentication system venous along with Julian Albrecht Julian Albrecht: “it makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable because this method is a system of high security, and then discover that you are able to skip through some of the articles and amendments”.

According to the assessment recently released by a German news agency, DPA, the intelligence apparatus of the Federal German BND authentication uses a vein in its new headquarters building in Berlin, is one of the attractions in the system based on the control of venous that it may be usually difficult for the attacker to know how the repositioning of the Iraq blood of the user under the skin, but in spite of that, he was able to Chris report are to pay attention to this.

Take researchers more than 2500 images during the 30 days of distribution of the veins of the blood substance within the fingers of the hand under the skin in order to complete the process and find a picture of successful using SLR camera modified with the IR filter removed, which allowed them to see through the repositioning of Iraq under the skin, explained the Chrysler “enough to capture images from a distance of five meters, which means you are able to go to a press conference and take pictures of people”.

And they used that picture for making form waxy hand, which included the details of the veins of the blood substance, said Chrysler: “when you cheated our system for the first time, I was very surprised that it was so easy”, and spent the Chris report are read months of work on this research, said: “biometrics is always as an arms race, where manufacturers to improve their systems to come hackers and they, and many manufacturers to achieve, and so forth”.

The gate Arab News Technical researchers security work in planning authentication venous

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