Researchers Safety found a way to penetrate the Amazon eco

باحثا أمان وجدا طريقةً لاختراق أمازون ايكو

Expressed a lot of hackers expressed their concern at the direction of the force Security Assistance, voice through conference Def, ‘ said two researchers from the company forget the Chinese make a presentation entitled: “breakthrough speaking voice, we can hear you”, explained how we managed to penetrate Amazon’s echo and download it for spy.

Included the hack process a rate of Amazon echo, the replacement of some parts, the addition of another, then I use eco on to penetrate another rate, by connecting both devices to the same network, and thus allowed the hacker to download the Amazon echo on into a listening device, transmitting the sound from the other device without any signal that will send images of them.

The implementation of this method is complicated, actually, but she showed an early step in the exploitation of the Amazon eco-condescending non-proliferation. He told the researchers Amazon about this loophole before the show, while paying the last upgrade the The this by site Wired.

He stated the spokesperson for Amazon, to :Wired “that it is not on the user to do any actions, fast it happened automatically repairs the security necessary”.

Has always refuted the Amazon stores around the control device by the users, to come researchers conference Def and proves the contrary, but to be more clear, you must modification on your device the hackers in this case, for the process is not easy.

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