Researchers: here’s how to determine Twitter was inflated and fake on Twitter

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باحثون يستخدمون تقنيات علم البيانات لاكتشاف حسابات تويتر الوهمية

Revealed researchers two security recently about the secrets pedestals technique that can be adopted to improve the fake accounts that aim to increase the number of followers and amplify tweets and influence on public opinion.

Published researcher Jordan Wright Jordan Wright old Anis Olabode Anise from the firm Duo Security-competent services identity verification is owned by Cisco Systems – blog explained how they were able to discover the 7000 fake account (bot Bot) on Twitter to publish content automatically through just one day through the analysis of the data. This move is to overcome one of the biggest problems plaguing the platform of Twitter in the recent period, since these fake accounts which is called a bot the Bots are working on expanding the access of content to users of the product is a fake by increase retweet and admiration, and used to influence public opinion about specific topics, or in order to increase the followers of individual accounts.

Issue researchers three months in the analysis of 88 million in a public account on Twitter and more than half a million tweets, so they can identify Twitter accounts fake or so-called Bot the amplification Amplification Bots, and they offered methodology that was followed in the conference Black Hat 2018 Black Hat that was held during the month of August in Las Vegas, was also published their findings in a paper titled: Don’t @ Me: Hunting Twitter Bots at Scale.

To find out how Twitter creates user IDs user IDs, the collection of researchers a data set of 88 billion public profile on Twitter is comprised of account information possible standard in the interface of software applications for Twitter such as: the name of the account, number of tweets, number of accounts, stores, and accounts which follow, the picture and description.

Established researchers a database of 576 million tweets and sorted them to determine the tweets that got more than 50 retweet, and try to determine what can be considered normal behavior. Found that half of the tweets that have been analyzed have been admiring has twice the number of times that have been retweeted (2:1). About 80 per cent of these tweets had been received the number of likes more than re-tweet.

Accordingly, scholars have concluded that tweets that are retweeted fake rate will be retweeted greater than the number of likes I got, and one of the examples that have been highlighted in a blog post, researchers were containing 969 of re-tweets and at least 164 to impress, accounting for the proportion 6 of the retweets for each one like.

باحثون يستخدمون تقنيات علوم البيانات لتحديد بوتات تويترBased on this analysis the researcher identified two ratio is through the government on any tweet that has been amplified is false, namely that it must be the ratio of retweets to the number of admiration for Twitter is greater than 1:5, more than 5 times of re-tweets compared to the admirable fact.

As the authors assert also that timing plays an important role in determining the fake accounts, so that real user find he tweeted in chronological order a product, but on the other hand you’ll find that the dummy account take a disorganized approach to people.

Depending on these clues swallowed researchers a methodology to identify fake accounts or bot the amplification on Twitter .

The main pillars for fake accounts or bot the amplification on Twitter

First point: many retweet publications, other accounts, if more than 90 percent of the problems of the account’s retweets only this is proof that this account is fake.

Second point: the analysis of a number of these tweets that have been amplified likes and his Twitter, if at least half the proportion of Retweet to admiration greater than 1:5, this is another proof that this account is fake.باحثون يستخدمون تقنيات علوم البيانات لتحديد بوتات تويتر


Second point: are the timing of the tweets in order to calculate the number of tweets are in chronological order or not.

He reminded the researcher that this methodology enabled them to discover more than 7000 fake account on Twitter within only one day, but in the research paper explains to the researcher how it is impossible to determine fake accounts which are used to amplify the content through likes, where there is no official end to one of the software applications Twitter API to capture the likes and recorded.

Apart from that this is a problem solved by both security researchers and Twitter in parallel, but what matters is the bot inflation, which at first glance look harmless, but it turns out not the extent of the damage that I caused through 2016 especially during the US election where it was used by external actors to form public opinion.

As the researcher, re-tweets not only affect how content spread but also affect its credibility and its impact on awareness, and it is used in retention through marketing through influencers on social media platforms Influencer Marketing which is believed to cost the marketing sector of $ 100 million annually.

The gate Arab News Technical researchers: here’s how to determine Twitter was inflated and fake on Twitter

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