Researchers discover that LED lights may cause damage to the ” non-treatable ” our eyes

Women use mobile application software on smartphone phone

The tribute LED by many as the next generation of lighting technology that can make their way to more and our. There are benefits to the use of LED technology, they consume less energy than ordinary bulbs, when it comes to companies, it means lower power consumption too which makes us able to use our phones for longer.

However, it seems that LED lights might not be as good as we think, at least for our health. According to a new report released recently by the French agency for food, environment and occupational health and safety a well-known acronym in the name of the ANSES, has expressed concern about the way that can lead him know of our continuous LED lights to harm ” cannot be cancelled ” with our own eyes.

Speaking to the report published by the agency on how the LED lights that become toxic by destroying the cells of the retina and reduce vision. The French also by exposure to high-intensity light to LED, as well as ” repeated exposure ” of the interests of low-density, which according to the report, can ” accelerate the aging of the tissues of the retina, which helps in the decrease of visual acuity and a higher rate of incidence of certain diseases such as age-related macular degeneration “.

This is not the first time that you discover that the lights emitted from our devices are more likely to help in the emergence of problems related to vision. In the former, it was said that the blue light emitted from our smart phones can’t steal from the blind, but he can also explain the pattern of sleep.

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