Researchers discover security flaw that could allow hackers to hack into smart speakers Amazon Echo

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Smart speakers are great devices allow users to control their homes smart using voice commands only. However, if you are from the people who really care about their privacy, and for smart sound also represents an ideal tool that can be used to it by pirates. Unfortunately, this is what ediscovered by researchers using the smart speaker Amazon Echo, a subsidiary of Amazon.

He discovered a team of researchers from China and the existence of a security flaw in the speakers Amazon Echo, a vulnerability that can possibly hackers used to eavesdrop on users. Fortunately, this vulnerability is complicated enough, so that the chances of your exposure to such an attack is extremely small, but no doubt they highlight some potential risks.

Basically this attack includes the measurement of the inventor taking out the memory chip from your Amazon Echo, and modify its operating system to gain access to the powers of the root, and installation of the memory chip back on the motherboard. And then to exploit the vulnerabilities present in the web interface with the Alexa, the end result was a device that could spy on its users.

But as we said earlier, this attack is rather complicated and will require hackers to reach out on your Amazon Echo to start, but as we said this highlights some of the potential risks, especially in Devices intended for a hotel room where anyone can easily access to your Amazon Echo. The good news is that Amazon has done since the reform weaknesses, so I hope we don’t hear about this attack in the real world any time soon.


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