Researchers are finding that can use Cortana to hack into the computers of the Windows 10

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Cortana is the digital assistant of Microsoft Corporation, and use this digital assistant in Windows System. As is the case with the digital assistants of the other two, the digital assistant Cortana is designed to help users to accomplish many tasks, although it also seems that he suffers from a glitch could allow hackers using Cortana already to hack into the computers of the Windows 10 installer.

Has been discovered that by researchers at McAfee leading in the field of information security, according to the police have reported that the activation of the digital assistant Cortana in the computer locked powered by Windows 10, can allows hackers to deceive him to launch a contextual menu can be used to implement some of the cipher code. This means that hackers can implement the cipher code malicious in the computers without having to unlock them, or even use it to reset the account password windows which means that they can then access the computer and its contents.

This problem is due to the fact that although the computer is locked, the digital assistant Cortana will always be in the mode to listen to voice commands. Do you mean indexing is also the possibility of access to the files in the search function used by the digital assistant Cortana. The good news is that Microsoft have addressed this problem in the latest update for Windows 10, so if you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you may want to update your computer as soon as possible.


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