Researchers are discovering that it is possible to fake the messages and user names in WhatsApp


One of the security features that have arrived in recent years to WhatsApp’s encryption Miscellaneous ” End-to-End ” to the talks. This means that messages are encrypted when the transponder, this means that even if intercepted, cannot be read by the person who intercepted. But according to researchers the security, it seems that it is not necessarily.

According to a new report released recently by CNet, he discovered the researchers security of Check Point Software Technologies that the hacker can in fact create a copy of the laboratory energy of WhatsApp, where they can use it to change the message proposed to change either the message content or the user name of the sender.

This means that in theory you can change the message quoted saying something completely different, and make it look like they might be sent by someone else. This seems like a security hole, but according to WhatsApp, it is not. Instead, you WhatsApp that control of the communications policy would lead to the fertility problems which will slow down the application significantly.

News is semi-good news is that although this looks like a worrying problem, the WhatsApp claims it is working on removing users who are using versions of the inventor of service. She also noted that she didn’t see people ” ordinary ” sending fake emails, which means that these judges seem to look more and limited to the work of researchers, rather than being a problem in real life.


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