Reports – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes a revolutionary design and shipped super fast!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 one of the most important smartphones that we issued during the second half of the year. Leaks about the phone is not available and separates us from the announced only 3 months from now.

تقارير - سامسونج جالكسي نوت 10 سيأتي بتصميم ثوري

Reports – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 coming design revolution

The latest leaks about the phone dealing with two things very important: the design and speed of shipping, as stated on the settlement account of the famous on Twitter with the Ice Universe@ who stands behind one of the workers at Samsung.

For coming phone the Galaxy Note 10 the full screen may contain a hole for the front camera in the middle without a bump “note”, and there is a conflict about whether the front camera will appear permanently or can disappear under the screen.

تقارير - سامسونج جالكسي نوت 10 سيأتي بتصميم ثوري

Reports – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 coming design revolution

The leaks touched on the speed of the shipping in the Galaxy Note 10 it is said that Samsung will provide the phone charger strongly 25 watt, went leaks again, further indicating that the strength of the tea has up to 50 watt, that knowing that the charger phones Galaxy S10 strongly 15 watt only.

To see how much the shipping speed that can be provided by the charger 50 Watt, hit the example of a phone the Oppo Find X Lamborghini charger 50 watt with SuperVOOC for fast charging where the battery is charged from 0% to 100% in 35 minutes only.

This year is expected to share several different versions of the phone Galaxy Note 10: Note 10e at a cheaper price, and Note 10, and Note 10 Pro exclusive benefits, in addition to the copy of the supportive networks of the fifth generation.

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