Reports.. the best solution is to dump the audio files

During the last period could artificial intelligence to show us a lot of apps dazzling, the self-driving cars is their experience of a number of companies now applications in different areas evolve with the passage of the months clearly. Case since years men artificial intelligence could end the jobs a lot, and maybe we have one of the jobs that could end soon.

Voice interaction, is that we’re talking about today. Despite the difficulty of the work on mission voice interaction requires focus and write quickly with do repeat a lot but that Reportex never give up in what they are doing through the use of artificial intelligence.

And Reportex the possibility to dump the audio files to text with high accuracy and the possibility of high to acclimatise, and review through the following lines, what he offers detailed.

And service Reportex with prices highly accepted possibility of subscription to the register or the lifting of an audio file to allow the site to convert it to text, ensure that you site do not do dump of the audio file for yourself to feel tired and or making payment to someone via the site to do the job for you.

It is possible to trust this service is a feature of interdependence between the texts and the audio file where, for example, when scanning a sentence of text is erased from the audio recording as well as when you move the sentence the voice to its new location which adds a new dimension to serve as a very effective tool for working on audio files better than any other method.

Not hard to imagine that the number of workers on sites like Fiverr or others say they Subscribe to this service to do the service of voice interaction for people they don’t know it with profit.

Multilingualism certainly will add to this service users more especially if made with the same precision that you provide when you dump the audio files in English, where that service is currently available in English in addition to Swedish and Japanese and they are in the egg stage currently.

Easily, whether it succeeds this service in a deployment-specific or not, it is possible to consider it the beginning of the end for voice interaction. But looking at it from the side the better this service will save a lot of time for those who require their business this task frequently.

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