Reports: Samsung has started to increase production of OLED screens for Apple

Samsung is the primary supplier of screens of the OLED to Apple, a tea used by the American giant in iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, coupled with its use previously in the iPhone X and XS.

According to reports, it appears that Samsung will increase the number of screens that supply Apple out this is where can up the total number of companies to 50 million screen which will be used in the phones which will be manufactured in the first half of this year.

Samsung produces almost 90% of the OLED displays used by Apple, while LG also supplying Apple with OLED along with other companies, but by less, this while Apple fully depend on LG and Sharp to provide LCD screens, which we saw in the iPhone XR and its successor the iPhone 11.

The report also said that Samsung has supplied Apple 22.2 million OLED screen only in the second quarter of the current year, Samsung also expects it will increase Apple’s 15 million additional screen in the months of October and November only.

Source: SamMobile

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