Reports: phones 5G with the design of the Apple TV will not be launched before 2022

According to recent reports it seems that Apple has set 2022 as the deadline to apply modem 5G within the company to be a part of their brackets Apple A and is used in devices iPhone and iPad without outsourcing to other companies.

The report came out about Fast Company confirms the intention to complete all plans, developments and tests by the year 2020 to be able to the subsequent of launch of iPhones and iPads supportive networks of the fifth generation, perhaps the time is not enough Apple, so that tests of the new season must confirm that the device would not be inconsistent with the standards of any company in global communications that support الـ5G.

On the other hand you must pass the new season a number of tests confirming its conformity with global standards and that it will fit the standards of FCC, also. According to this information it is expected that 2022 will be the year of the launch of the new season, since Apple may not be able to complete the tests, which means we may not see this season before 2023 or early 2024, but it’s back in full Apple speed!

We may remember Apple’s acquisition of the majority sector of the season in Intel in July, but is that going to help her in speeding up her steps? Anyway, the timing of some of the other reports that we may see the iPhone supports الـ5G in the next year, but review with Qualcomm! This while Apple and Qualcomm have been in trouble and has reached the courts of the world.

Source: MacRumors

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