Reports – Apple may launch earphones AirPods 3 this water wonderful end of the year!

Announced the Apple recently about the second generation of headset its wireless Apple AirPods 2 years after the launch of the first generation. The site DigiTimes news report of a strange kind of guessed that Apple may launch the third generation of the heavens and the AirPods 3 the end of the year!

تقارير - آبل قد تطلق سماعات AirPods 3 بهذه الميزة الرائعة نهاية العام الجاري!

Reports – Apple may launch earphones AirPods 3 this water wonderful end of the year!

The report listed this claim, citing officials familiar with companies collaborating with Apple who added Also that the headphones AirPods 3 expected will protect the property of the noise removal Noise Cancellation make the sound more pure in the heavens.

The technique of noise removal is not a new technique but put in the headphones AirPods 3 is it new and challenging for technical reasons one, which means that Apple will adopt a new design for the AirPods may differ from the traditional form of knowledge does, and that is a challenge for level design and Assembly for the Apple TV and its partners.

Another thing should be mentioned is that the technique of noise removal Noise Cancellation consume more power than the battery which is what will put Apple in the mind and may involve either an increase in the battery capacity or make that technology less energy consuming.

The newspaper Bloomberg famous also confirmed the above and added headphones AirPods 3 you will also get the technique of water resistance and will not be launched until early next year.

Headset AirPods 2 Current was launched in March with several improvements and the price starts from$ 160, but it missed some features like the water resistant feature , remove the noise. More lost in the AirPods 2 whole we find in headphones PowerBeats Pro revealed by Apple also recently in this article a comparison between both the two speakers: a comparison between the AirPods 2 and PowerBeats Pro

Wonder here that the rumors started to spread about headphones AirPods 3 the future while many countries around the world – including some Arab states – I didn’t get to hear the AirPods 2 as yet!

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