Reports – Apple decides to reduce the production of iPhone XS and XR, new!

In recent weeks reports have surfaced from multiple sources to various destinations indicate that Apple has reduced the production of phones new iPhone: iPhone XS and XS Max and XR due to popularity least expected it, in addition to other reasons.

تقارير - آبل تقرر خفض إنتاج هواتف آيفون XS و XR الجديدة!
Reports – Apple decides to reduce the production of iPhone XS and XR, new!

Newspaper The Wall Street Journal American reported in a recent report citing sources informed that the planned production has been reduced by approximately 30% have an iPhone XR more affected by the cut in production.

IPhone XR had been launched by Apple at a relatively low price has summarized the Chinese markets for binary slide only to fierce competition by Chinese companies on its territory prevented to achieve the phone sales required.

We can’t confirm those reports, although published on the newspapers, websites, reliable, it happened the same last year with the iPhone X which arose rumors about the sales of its low and then made the Apple TV sales to date in the last quarter which was the launch of the phone in which to become the best-selling smartphones have Apple and smartphones in general.

Also Apple will not disclose sales of phones iPhone, as impossible as I thought when posting their results with each quarter of the fiscal, has justified such a step that it is not important and does not necessarily reflect the extent of the strength and size of your trade network, you will only refer to some information that investors do not more.

The task of the iPhone will not be easy in the future amid big competition from Chinese companies as my share and Vivo and OnePlus and others. Companies are able to take and settle on the Chinese markets and Indian at the expense of the share of Apple and Samsung and still this is ongoing and occurs in other markets around the world, such as Arab countries.

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