Reports: Android 9 P the next will be more systems Android secure and privacy!

Well, we all know that Android Oreo is still not available only on a limited number of devices, but this is a problem manufacturers for Android devices, and Google has every year annual update new, so we are on a date with updated Android 9 P during a few months.

تقارير: نظام Android 9 P القادم سيكون أكثر أنظمة الأندرويد أماناً و خصوصية!

Reports: Android 9 P the next will be more systems Android secure and privacy!

Reports of Android-9 P going to Google will give importance to the level of security and protection and maintaining the privacy of users, as we pointed out in an earlier report that one of the advantages of law in the system of Android is a property of alert users during phone calls in case if the other party says recorded.

According to the website developers Android XDA Developers also, Google is currently working on a new feature that will not allow apps working in the background to access the camera and microphone without the user’s knowledge.

This new feature is important to prevent any malicious apps from spying on the user hidden and capture photo or video of you or record your conversations through your microphone without your knowledge, even if the granting user access permissions during the install.

Expected to reveal the Google for update Android 9 P during the month of May next at its annual conference, the private developer, after the update is a demo of its organs for several months before the final launch.

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