Reports: a former Intern has Apple says the leaked source code for iPhone

The subject reports: a former Intern has Apple says the leaked source code for iPhone appeared on Engadget.

Earlier this week published part of the source code for iOS on the internet, a new report has revealed that the programming code leaked by a former Intern at Apple.


According to the report, the intern who stole the code he distributed to 5 of his friends in the community breaking protection of iOS; to help them to move on to secure the operating system of Apple for the iPhone. According to one of the individuals who received the code in origin, including source code, additional was not included in the first settlement, the former employee stole all sorts of tools for internal company and a number of other things.

The plan basically is not the exit code outside the circle of his friends five; but it seems that the code has spread beyond the original group at some time in the past year. In the end, was deployed programming code in the chat group Discord, and share it to Reddit after four months but was the removal of the publication.

But it was again published on GitHub this week, which is what led to the current situation in which the Apple company to issue a command for GitHub to remove the programming code. He claims a source at Apple that the company was already aware of the leak before his arrival to GitHub, where it has been traded as soon as you break the protection system some time ago. It seems that the company is not interested in the participation of security possible by this label, where it released a statement stating that this code was created 3 years ago, and that the security of their products does not depend on the secret source code.


The subject reports: a former Intern has Apple says the leaked source code for iPhone appeared on Engadget.

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