Report:devices millions of Android users took to the digital currency

Used Web sites “of force is used” for users to the digital currency.

In the past few months, the digital currency conversation hour, may be forbidden to fell in it whether intensive follow-up to her or at least to recognize the thing that fuss by the media, especially after the bitcoin record levels.

Inside there is a digital world I tried websites that ride the wave by exploiting the visits of the users to turn them into tools mining, which has emerged in the recent trend of using the sites “power unused” computers and their users to the digital currency, which is very bad since it happened without the knowledge of user.

According to a new report from company MalwareBytes security, many users of the Android operating system who took advantage, through re-directing them to the web site of “different” devices for the purpose of mining digital currency “Moreno” Moreno, on the lines of attack that we saw on YouTube newly.

It is indicated that the company MalwareBytes did not come up in its report any specific number for the number of users who were affected by this, they estimate that two of the sites that played a role in that they have more than 30 million visits each month. In total, the number of site visits anticipated community of more than 800,000 every day.

It is not yet clear the amount of digital currency that was created by those sites. While most users have spent an average of about 4 minutes on the page used for storage, however, the sheer number of visits who knows a lot of work to the owners of those websites.

And because it is unlikely to stop those attacks any time soon, the company recommends that MalwareBytes running protection tools on their devices, such as the application of their own Android custom to protect users from this type of behavior.

Did you try mining digital currencies? We shared your experience in the comments.


Source: report:devices millions of Android users took to the digital currency

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