Report:Apple moving to OLED screens in phones iPhone of the year 2020

A report by The Wall Street about the plans of Apple coming to replace LCD screens in cell phones the iPhone to move to the use of OLED screens in all the next versions in 2020.

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According to a recent report Wall Street, the Apple, latest iPhone possible screen LCD this year in 2019, to apply the versions of phones iPhone full Companies possible with OLED in 2020.

It is planned to support the choice of Apple for OLED design more flexible versions of the iPhone, so it is expected to produce the Apple to redesign phones to the iPhone that apply in 2020, with expectations to launch its first release of smart phones collapsible also in 2020.

Recall that Apple has faced difficulty in the development of the LCD screen in the iPhone XR with liquid retina, why you need this category of tea from the lighting of the background of the request to extend the LCD screen in the phone to the dialogue, in the report of Wall Street refer to the use of LCD screens in the next release this year of phone Apple XR, only Apple supports this version with a camera with double touch faster networks LTE.


I know of

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