Report: WhatsApp more popular than Facebook

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Less than five years acquired the Facebook application WhatsApp when it has 450 million users, and the amount of the big deal event $ 19 million was motivated by the spectacular growth achieved by the application, and today already has become WhatsApp more popular than Facebook application itself.

This is the summary of the report of company research and analysis App Annie says that last September was the number of active users of WhatsApp on Android and iPhone outperform their likes on Facebook, and throughout the following months continued to WhatsApp superiority of hand actual use.

At the level of the world listen Facebook application tops the ranking, but on the level of much of the world slipped to second after WhatsApp, and that states such as India and Brazil as the largest emerging countries, as well as a number of developed countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and others. In the US market, WhatsApp is not the best in terms of poetic terms is located at the centre X, while the Messenger Facebook application, the company’s main social largest tops the ranking.

Did not reveal Mark Zuckerberg’s strictly about the number of users of WhatsApp in the latest official figures, but the number of the total is 2.6 million users for all company applications which include adding the company’s social apps Instagram and the elderly the and of course WhatsApp. But it is enough to know that every day there are 2 million users are using at least one application of applications the company.

And WhatsApp has 1.5 million active users at the beginning of 2018, but then the company has not disclosed its figures regular statistics such as the number of communications of various kinds, and also did not reveal the WhatsApp number of users in India which is the largest and most important markets since more than a year and a half.

Great development witnessed by the WhatsApp which changed a lot about her past and promises even to its founder and its executive director had left to work.

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