Report: Vodafone Italy found on the windows of Buck’s role in the equipment of Huawei 2011

تقرير: فودافون إيطاليا عثرت على نوافد باك دور في معدات هواوي عام 2011

In a time when Huawei earn the trust of the European Union to establish real partnerships to provide state infrastructure that touch fifth generation; publication website Bloomberg New report revolves around finding Vodafone software Windows Pac role was present in the devices and Huawei that are used by the company in its branch of the Italian 2011; with the mention of Vodafone that the problem was solved after reporting Huawei, which came to justify it on it’s technical error.

According to the report, Vodafone had said of the site she found security flaws in equipment to Huawei, which used at that time, that will allow for access to the illicit networks of lines of the fixed contact which constitutes the statute to provide millions of users with online services, whether for individuals or Business Wire where I began due since 2009 to 2011.

Following this discovery I asked Vodafone of Huawei remove these windows is hidden from the routers home and close the gaps, and this was confirmed by Huawei’s provider of the service informed her that the problem was resolved, but tests later the company revealed that gaps still exist according to the documents with Vodafone was informed Bloomberg.

In a confirmed statement, the Vodafone site that the problem was solved communion with Huawei then and did not show any indications of being a violation or breach of any statement of 2011, as reported by the company they dealt with a similar problem in 2012 in the network technologies the extensive range and resolved in the same year, as Huawei has stated of the party as patron of the great importance of those gaps, she said addressing them in a timely manner.

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