Report: users spent $ 60 million on apps in 2017

The report focuses on the revenue applications over the past year, and compares the Play Store from Google and the App Store of Apple with respect to proceeds and profits.

By 2017, revenues from paid apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases by 35 percent, according to a new report published by platform Sensor Tower specialized analysis of the Application Data.

They spent users nearly $ 60 million apps within the store of Google and Apple TV, an increase of 35 percent compared to revenue for 2016 of $ 43.5 million.

According to the report, Android users spend 20.1 billion US dollars in the Google store, compared with $ 38.5 million within the Apple Store, the increased revenue from the Google Play Store increased by 34.2 percent compared with 34.7 percent of the Apple App Store.

With regard to the operations to install the app for the first time, the report shows it has increased by about 13.5 percent through 2017, so that these operations grew by more than 91.5 million to install, compared with 80.7 million in the process of installing for the first time in 2016, the share of the Google Play Store of which 64 million, while the share of the Apple App Store 28 million.

On a related Note It has grown games in 2017, as increased gaming revenues by 30 percent, to nearly $ 48.3 million, although the games have grown slowly compared to other types of applications, it still represents nearly 82 percent of the total proceeds of the applications.

It seems that Android is the system of choice for gamers, where he achieved the Google Play Store 27.2 million of the total installations of games which reached 35.5 million through 2017, while the achieved Apple Store 8.3 billion the process of installing the games.


Source: report: users spent $ 60 million on apps in 2017

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