Report: the use of Mobile Apps has seen a decline through 2017

Saw the 2017 tremendous increase in the use of application of e-registration, compared to the decline for gaming applications.

Since the launch of the first smart phone in the last decade, this industry has undergone spectacular growth has exceeded all expectations, accompanied, of course, the growth in the market of portable applications, but this market has experienced through 2017 decline is the first, and in terms of length of use of portable applications, according to the company Flurry.

Company noted transfers to the players of the ascending and active were able to celebrate and gain a place in the market, as struggling developers Maven to keep their place.

In comparison with the previous year, the company found that the time spent by users on apps by 2017 increased by only 6%, representing a decline, as the rate of growth in 2016 of about 11%. The company noted that with this recession, I noticed a continuation of the diversification of users ‘ behaviour while using mobile apps.

But where to buy Flurry, this numbers? The company says that it has during the past year, activity trackers more than a million apps on 2.6 billion mobile device around the world.

According to Flurry, the users spending far more than five hours a day on their smart phones, and daily time spent between new applications and old, compared to giving more time daily in general.

As for the categories of apps that users spending their time on it, it stated that the category of shopping apps grew by 2017 54% with the continued transformation of consumers and their spending to e-commerce via apps and mobile shopping.

Noted Flurry that users are becoming increasingly comfortable with to conduct their purchases through the phones, which offset by an increase in the use of e-payment applications such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, which facilitates the users to access the data of their payment and stored on their devices to make purchases the mobile.

Unexpectedly, it came to music apps, multimedia and entertainment ranked second with a growth of 43% year on year, however, this high percentage reaffirms the shift of users to mobile devices to consume multimedia.

Saw apps “lifestyle” Lifestyle the most severe decline with the decline in growth by 40% in 2017, has been a decline on all of my shop Google Play and App Store. While the gaming applications; and for the third consecutive year, a decrease in the skin with decline by 15%.

She drew a Flurry indicates that the size factor has become critical for both app developers and marketers, due to the different usage between devices. It showed the year 2017 that the growth of tablet phone “phablet” will continue to rise without an end in sight.

According to numbers the company has seen phones and tablets grew by 55% of active devices, then came phones available that are at least screen size of about 5.5 inches by 35%, then the tablets are large by 6%, then the tablet small value of 8 or 7 inches by 4%.

While the manufacturers of Android devices constitute two-thirds of all active devices in 2017, however, for Apple’s dominance on the share of the individual market with 34% of all active devices. Tried the Samsung on share between 2016 and 2017 increased by 28%.

How much time you spend on your smartphone? What are the most used apps? We shared it in the comments.


Source: report: the use of Mobile Apps has seen a decline through 2017

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