Report: the prosecution of American bring an indictment against Huawei motivated to steal the secrets of the technique

الإدعاء الأمريكي يحضر لائحة اتهام ضد شركة هواوي بداعي سرقة أسرار تقنية

Report for the Wall Street Journal to the work of the commission on the prosecution of federal America to formulate an indictment against the Chinese company Huawei motivated to steal secrets and technology from American companies in particular T-Mobile regarding their instrument to test smart phones known as Tappy.

He explained the report to the prosecution is the issuance of the charges formally against Huawei, which had a similar charge in 2014 of the company T-Mobile allegedly received for their laboratories in the area of style and capture images of their equipment and try to steal parts from the scan tool smart phones “Tappy”, as she called the police following which compensation of$ 500 million through a lawsuit got him a 4.5$ million in 2017 based treatment suggests that the issue wasn’t that the momentum that his image T-Mobile.

And need Huawei a long time ago charges of spying for the Chinese government allegedly bodies of the U.S. government; which called for its allies earlier than last year to not abuse or use Huawei devices and in particular in the construction of the infrastructure networks of the fifth generation, has denied Huawei’s accusations to her regular style of the American government and its policy against the company.

It is clear that this case will increase the weight of the tension between the Chinese company and the U.S. government which may result in further decisions to the knockout stage against Huawei may affect their availability in the markets of allied countries of the United States, but this does not negate the fact it is now rated second in the world among manufacturers of smart phones are superior to Apple America.

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