Report : the days of Sony are numbered in the smart phone sector

مهرجان الجوال في سوق السعودية

تقرير : ايام شركة سوني باتت معدودة في قطاع الهواتف الذكيةReport : the days of Sony are numbered in the smartphone industry

He said a technical report published today that Sony Corporation may appoint any of its the last in the heel sector of mobile phones, which failed to achieve any success throughout the past five years at least .

The report says that one of the global funds to invest consider is buying a stake in the company Sony amount of raises saliva, but he apparently suspected that the company stopped its activity at the level of smart phones.

He stated the report published by the Nikkei ASEAN review in March that by next year will Sony the number of people in the Department of smart phones in half.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Revealed a Japanese company from other phones, leading phone Xperia 1 in February on the sidelines of the exhibition Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

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