Report: Samsung working on a Galaxy View 2 with screen $ 17.5-inch

Do you remember the Galaxy View? May be this is the first time you hear about a device with that name, but it’s okay, this device is a tablet running Android with a huge screen measuring 18.4 inches, Samsung has launched 3 years ago targeted by users looking to experience the Wide visual solvable, there is a large TV and a computer tablet small.

And now it seems that Samsung is preparing to launch the second generation of computer Galaxy View, but this time I will provide screen $ 17.5-inch, instead of 18.4 inches, it will come with detailed embedded allows using two angles, the first is 30 degrees and 90 degrees.

With regard to specifications, it is rumored that Galaxy View 2 come with one of the processors Exynos, the screen is Full HD, and random access “RAM” size of 3 GB. It also will support multithreading Windows. This and no information about the price and the advertising about the incident.

Do you like the tablet-screen huge? Share your opinion the comments.

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