Report: Samsung solved the problem of the Galaxy Fold and the affinity of its launch

According a news report from South Korea that Samsung intends to launch its smartphone folding the first soon, so after postponing the launch, pull the samples that gave a number of journalists earlier; following the emergence of the problem in the screen.

The newspaper said Yonhap News Agency on Wednesday: the Samsung is currently working on the selection of the phone “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold with the telecommunications companies of Korea, are expected to arise in the market during the month of June next.

According to the newspaper, Samsung tried to treat the problem of the screen by making the edge of the protective cover of its own under the framework of the phone, especially after it has been established that a number of those who got on the phone, removed the lid, which made the screen exposed, and prone to quickly.

The other problem that Samsung tried to cure them, they are a part exposed from the edge of the screen when the joints in the top and bottom of the phone, the newspaper said: he’s expected to make him smaller than before, especially that the gap between the screen and the body of the phone was great, allowing the entry of small things, and dust under the screen.

The newspaper quotes a Korean official at Samsung said: “We’re conducting tests with company communications of the Korean three”. He added: “We are now working on improving the Galaxy Fuld”.

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The Samsung has announced in the month of April last for the postponement of the launch of the phone, and retrieval of all samples, and after that informed a number of journalists of the sector of technical problems in the screen, resulting in the occurrence of fracture, or bulging, or flicker, in the collapsible screen; and after just one or two days of use.

Deferred company the South Korean giant to launch “Galaxy Fuld” indefinitely in order to investigate it. She said the preliminary results showed that problems can rise to affect the exposed areas of the joints.

The company Samsung has released in the month of March/ last March a video introducing the robots open and close the phone “Galaxy Fuld” about 200,000 times; ensure follow-up of the screen, and joints.

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