Report: Samsung s 10, 6 cameras and a giant

تقرير: سامسونج اس 10 بـ6 كاميرات وشاشة عملاقة

This is not the first time that we’re talking about new leaks about the phone Samsung new flagship the S-10 as did Apple for its launch for the X-phone it months universally “iPhone”, the American company about the announcement of the “iPhone X” to change the island at the phone and specifications, and will not only change minor usual from one generation to another, said to submit what is known by extrusion “Notch” in its phones for the first time, this raised the proportion of the screen to the front of the phone to copy the unsurpassed in addition to new versions of the processor, camera and other.

We are now waiting for the tenth generation is also negative leading for the Korean Samsung “S 10” and from here until the launch date of the phone in February next you will not stop reporting whether the landing from within the company to increase the proportion of the demand for your new phone or even leaks and unintended.

According to the newspaper “the Wall Street” of America, the Korean company Samsung is working on a new phone under the name of Cody’s “Beyond X”, which would contain a giant screen for a series of “s” up to 6.7 inches in addition to 6 cameras which is entirely new to the Korean company’s full support to the fifth generation of networks this is not new for Samsung, as we’ve already talked about the company’s ambition to control the market technology new contact, whether in phones or in the field of infrastructure for communication itself, And, of course, will start this hobby its leading and you can learn in detail about it read through the next topic “Samsung is targeting 20% of market the fifth generation”

As part of its continuous development, there are three other versions of “Ace 10” bear codes “Beyond 0” and “Beyond 1” and “Beyond 2” which will screen sizes varying from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches and the number of cameras ranging from 3 to 5 cameras.

Already the company has announced officially during the conference last developer they work on new techniques, especially by extrusion “Notch” which may help in providing larger screens on its phones, and older phones of the company even now. Galaxy Note 9 has a screen size of 6.4 inches which the company has the ambition now to take him in the new generation of the exponent.

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