Report: Samsung introduces a phone that the average rate of treatment leading

It seems that the competition in the medium category with the availability of Chinese companies like Oppo share and Huawei in the transaction may pay the giant corporations such as the company Samsung Korean to breathe even a little bit about their intransigence in the medium category.

Had some reports of technology that strongly overlap these days, the company Samsung these days on the new phone from the series the anticipated “Galaxy A” which is customary to be asked that class processors averaged less than the existing in the category of the Samsung Galaxy S walls note but this time will be put to a new phone with a processor of Snapdragon class 845 leading which is the same processor found in the latest release of the S9 and S9+ also note 9.

But here we are talking about the flagship phones of Samsung which are products of Qualcomm and sold mostly within the United States of America and not the phones that contain processors Exynos , which are sold in the Middle East, although it is not proven that there is a clear difference in performance in favor of cola you however, many users assert this.

There is no other information about specifications of the new phone, but it is likely to have the structure of a metal and the new dimensions of 19:9 in addition to the two cameras rear and the front camera provides high-quality selfies.

We must not forget that the competition in the category of phones expected price and leading hand capabilities have caught up significantly since the company announcement Shawty on her new phone upon F1, which is already facing in the global market is estimated at US $ 300 only but he has in him the possibilities of the Telephone Pioneer of all standards, beginning from the most powerful processor currently Snapdragon 845 memory, a random 6 or 8 GB memory storage capacity of 64, 128, and 256 GB in addition to the battery of 4000 MA which is moving According for the resorts work hard for about two full days.

With regard to attempts to rival Samsung in this category that became difficult during the financial period due to the competition despite its control almost to the leading category of phones have the situation in mind that the phone’s performance depends not only on the processor but there are several factors, including the interface the user is added to the operating system Android which was the reason for the accession of the A lot of manufacturers in the category Little medium to the project “Android and I” from the company Google to get Android Ore without additives to eliminate the problem of the weight of the operating system.

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