Report – sales Evo 11 exceeds the expectations of Apple, despite their high prices!

Phones Evo 11 is now available in the market since almost a month it seems the turnout is larger than expected. Tim Cook current CEO of Apple he had described to the sales of the initial iPhone 11 but very early in the month of October.

تقرير - مبيعات آيفون 11 تفوق توقعات آبل رغم ارتفاع الأسعار!IPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max and iPhone 11

Site Bloomberg the American published a detailed report on the sales of iPhone 11 up to now pointed out that reduced initial price iPhone 11 to become a 700$ instead of 750$ was the biggest factor in how a large sector of consumers, especially owners of older versions of the iPhone.

Historically it was the arrival of the iPhone 6 in 2014 then the iPhone 6 s 2015 credited for the influence on the owners of phones iPhone the older ones to update, and still those versions specifically account for a large proportion among the users of iPhone.

Now after 4 or 5 years it appeared the problem such as the deterioration of the battery dip the performance of the processor and stops updates or technical support for some of those problems now form the motives for the users of the old for later versions such as series for iPhone 11 which is what happened already.

Build on it with the first “very strong” series for iPhone 11 Apple decided to raise the number of units shipped from series iPhone 11 during the last quarter of 2019, to become the 75 million units instead of 70 million units as planned.

The iPhone 11 is version the cheapest and most best-selling in the series are iPhone 11 Pro then iPhone 11 Pro Max This is logical flow of price increase in three versions.

iPhone SE 2 .. for more strong sales!

Apple also decided to also confirm registration, and conversions – to give the iPhone an extra dose of the strong sales launch of the iPhone SE 2 during the first quarter of 2020.

IPhone SE 2 will exhibit a processor A13 with 3GB RAM like the iPhone 11 but the design looks like the iPhone 8 and a starting price of$ 400 a capacity of 64 GB.

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