Report : sale of 1.404 billion phone through 2018 .. and Samsung topping the

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تقرير : بيع 1.404 مليار هاتف خلال 2018 .. وسامسونج تتصدرReport : sale of 1.404 billion phone through 2018 .. Samsung topping

The issuance of enterprise IDC research in its annual report on the volume and details of sales of smart phones around the world by 2018, the past, and we learned from them that the number of phones that were shipped during the year has reached 1.404 million phones around the world .

The figure on the magnitude of it represents the worst year ever for smartphones, where less than No. 2017 by 4.1%.

Huawei was winning the most during the year, where not affected by the number of phones sold him the sword but positive, on the contrary of Samsung top Apple TV runner-up.

Said Samsung’s industry sales of $ 292.3 million for the entire year and the share of market accounted for 20.8%. These figures are certainly impressive but represent a sharp decline by 8% compared to 317.7 million devices sold in 2017.

Company Apple came in second place behind Samsung, the number 208.8 million phones during the year, slightly less than 3% compared to $ 215.8 million units sold in the former 2017 . Interestingly, their share in the market as a whole has already grown by 0.2% to 14.9% for.

In spite of the political challenges encountered in recent times, has enabled the company Huawei from Test 200 million shipments for the first time. In fact, the total number of devices shipped 206 million units, an increase of 52 million units for the numbers 2017, the market share of 14.7 percent.

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