Report: Rural two abandon investments General Motors and my base

تقرير: ريفيان تتخلى عن استثمارات جنرال موتروز وتكتفي بأمازون

There has been much talk in the past about the plan Amazon, General Motors, to invest in the electric car company emerging rural, which we talked about, citing a Reuters report in February last; to be followed shortly real investment from the company to Amazon for $ 700 million in the company, while the rest of the mystery master of the scene for General Motors to be started talking today about the refusal of rustic address to, because of the terms imposed by them is exclusive in its favor.

So that in the time you want the GM’s rustic work on the car dedicated exclusively adopts the last plan to build 6 different models for other companies interested in its services in the period till 2025.

On the other hand, pointed out the founder of a rural two Ri drunk strange that his company is already working on special products at Amazon and shown on state recently, referring implicitly they probably won’t be on the form of cars or electric carts with the weighting to be competent in the technical side of batteries, or even the sale of advanced technology to Amazon in this area.

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