Report: rising number of smart devices personal to 40 million by 2025


Revealed a recent report published by the website “tech insider” that there will be nearly 40 million smart device in person and 100 million Internet connection around the world by 2025, noted the report titled “Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025” that by the year 2025, will be the application of smart technology on a large scale in the transport industry, with more than 60 million cars connected to the 5G and 100% of new vehicles connected to the internet.

The report predicts that the industrial Internet will be the main source of those communications, as that the world intelligent can reshape industries produces industry-smart new and through high-speed communication, the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, there will be a big boom in multiple areas.

The report predicts that civilian planners will be able to create new paths for sustainable development in security management, transport planning and other areas, which will enable city residents to enjoy safety, comfort and high living standards provided by digital systems.

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