Report: ranking of Arab countries according to the speed and coverage of 4G networks

While some telecommunications companies choose the fifth generation of networks 5G, still other companies are trying to expand the area of 4G network coverage and improve its speed, and in this frame it was published by OpenSignal report their own networks fourth generation 4G LTE for the last quarter of 2017, revealed the ranking of countries according to the speed of the 4G networks with the most coverage in all parts of the world. The company conducted the report based on what 58 million test connection speed of approximately 5 million devices globally, when it comes to an average speed of 4G LTE, the world has seen significant progress since the previous report and is still Singapore leading to faster fourth generation networks globally followed by all of the Netherlands and Norway, the connection speeds in the range of 40 to 45 meg MB in a second while did not earn and do not state the average speed is 50 mbps so far. The average speed in the United States, 16.3 Mbps, and at the level of the Arab countries come to the United Arab Emirates in the lead with an average speed of 27.47 meg MB per second and in the following order of the Arab countries, by average download speed by networks of the fourth generation:

  • United Arab Emirates: 27.47 meg MB per second
  • Lebanon 25.96 meg MB per second
  • Oman 25.55 meg MB per second
  • Qatar 21.68 meg MB per second
  • Tunisia 17.84 meg MB per second
  • Egypt 16.68 meg MB per second
  • Morocco 15.80 meg MB per second
  • Kuwait 15.34 meg MB per second
  • Jordan 14.05 meg MB per second
  • Bahrain 13.62 meg MB per second
  • Saudi Arabia 10.18 meg MB per second
  • Algeria 8.65 meg MB per second

In terms of the ratio access network coverage the fourth-generation to population, we find Kuwait ahead of the Arab States increased by $ 88.40% and in Miley the rest of the list:

  • Qatar 84.47%
  • Emirates 83.78%
  • Bahrain 79.02%
  • Oman 78.41%
  • Lebanon 74.48%
  • Saudi Arabia 72.61%
  • Jordan 70.36%
  • Morocco 69.34%
  • Tunisia is 61.38%
  • Egypt 45.33%
  • Algeria 40.94%

And anyone who wants to see the numbers the rest of the state at the global level, you can head to the company website opensignal access to the detailed report (link).

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