Report: profit mobile games for over 70 million dollars this year

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The report revealed new figures exciting lines about the gaming market around the world all platforms and the expectations of its revenue, current and future. According to the report, The size of the video game market will grow from $ 138 million this year to more than $ 180 million in 2021.

These figures came from the report of research firm Newzoo, which reflect the significant growth in some platforms such as smart phones. Where it is expected to bring mobile gaming revenue reaches $ 70.3 million this year, and these proceeds more than half of the total proceeds of the games on all the platforms in the world.

It is expected to grow revenues mobile games to reach $ 106.4 million in 2021 and then proceeds games mobile 59% of the total proceeds of the games on all platforms.

Currently, the existence of 2.3 million people playing video games on differing platforms.

Exciting attention that 91% of games sold will be in digital form through Internet and the remaining will be through the old ways as the tablets and the real.

Analyzing the video game market by platform, mobile accounts for 51% and 24% and play like the PlayStation, Xbox and others constitute 25%.

As for the most important markets, China contributed about $ 38 million and the United States of $ 30.4 million and the Middle East and Europe of approximately $ 28.7 million, of the total global spending on games, which reached $ 138 million.

Thanks to the growth of the number of users of smartphones in the Middle East it is expected to grow gaming revenues from the region to $ 5 million this year.


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