Report – phones iPhone will not come with a camera Mono in the future!

Like the iPhone X and iPhone XS coming in the next version of the iPhone XR general in the back with a double instead of a camera mono as it is in the current version. It may have ended the era of the camera is mono for the iPhone!تقرير - هواتف الآيفون لن تأتي بكاميرا أحادية مستقبلاً!

تقرير - هواتف الآيفون لن تأتي بكاميرا أحادية مستقبلاً!

Apple used a dual rear camera for two main reasons: the first is the work of the optical zoom even twice rather than the digital zoom, the second is the technique of Portrait Mode to focus on one element within the image with the background noise.

IPhone XR to current with rear camera one depends on the software algorithm for the effect of Portrait Mode but it is not strictly phones iPhone other with dual camera. IPhone XR current may become another phones iPhone, a mono-camera if the reports are true, it is often true.

Also as we have mentioned repeatedly in previous reports, will be added to Apple TV also a third camera for the following versions of phones and XS and XS the Max with the aim of broadening the angle of image capture or capture three-dimensional images.

Camera iPhone is one of the parts that attaches to the Apple a lot of attention, and they require significantly year after year, and still held its position amid strong competition from high-end phones. You can see it in that comparison posted earlier: the camera – Huawei P30 Pro against the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 Plus!

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